There is nothing greater than good free music in this world, and Safar Barlik
 is a new artist from Beirut who just released his EP on bandcamp for you to grab. 
It's the first time I'm singing on a recorded track, and it's pretty scary but 
I hope I get to do it again because it's really fun! 

I really enjoyed listening to the tracks and watching the process behind them, 
Safar Barlik is a project that really captures the boredom and restlessness of 
Lebanese youth today. The lyrics and melodies are deceptively simple but they 
paint a picture of a whole generation of blasé Beirutis.  

So please be kind with us newbies when you give the album a listen,
 hope you enjoy it!


Charlie said...

It's a fantastic track! Is there any chance of posting the lyrics?

CYNTHIA M said...

Thank you Charlie!

Je sais que je suis pas faite pour toi
Je sais que tu n'es pas fais pour moi
mais comme meme,
j'aimerais danser avec toi

And you can keep up-to date with Safar on facebook:


milkweed said...

Love it after the first few seconds! <3

milkweed said...

Love it after hearing the first few seconds!

CYNTHIA M said...

Thank you Milkweed!