I have been taking photographs since I was fourteen, but never really featured any of it 
on this blog though it is an important part of my practice. That is my goal for this year, to 
find the common thread in all these different spheres I work in and love: 
film, photography, illustration, music and rope it all in.

The photographs above are of my close friend and frequent collaborator Timi Hayek. 
She recently graduated from Central Saint Martins in Fashion Print after presenting
 a stunning collection based on her love and natural instinct for colors. All the clothes are 
designed, handmade and modeled by Timi herself. We shot them at the printmaking 
studios at the Royal College of Art on a rainy London day. 

I love collaborating with fashion designers, and would love to continue to do so in the future. 
Having grown up around the craft I truly appreciate the work behind it and am constantly in awe 
of the power of garments to transform and express an identity. It is tough process to work with 
someone who has such a strong identity and vision behind their work, but also a joy to be 
involved in a project where the artist is so passionate and has put so much thought into every piece. 
It is a challenging process for both artists involved, but I think when it does work,
 the end product can end up stronger and will always be surprising. 

You can have a look at more of Timi's beautiful work on her blog, 


Flor Frutal said...

oh! ♥ it is so beautiful!

CYNTHIA M said...

Thank you Flor! Credit for the beautiful outfits goes to Timi Hayek xx