At last, after a year of trying to figure out what HTML even stands for, I caved in and asked
my friend Zoe Regoczy to make my website I'm really glad I did.

She is a fantastic illustrator, but an even better web designer who I would recommend
in a heartbeat. She is in the LINKS section of my website so make sure to check her out!

The shiny, new site has some exciting stuff for all. Stories, drawings, commissioned works,
and links to some great illustrators and designers.

The website will be updated every half year or so, and my main body of work is available
there. As for the blog, it will be used to keep you all up-to-date about any exhibitions,
new commissions and drawings, and what I have been up to or doing. I am hoping to use
this blog now less as a portfolio and as a more personal space where I can share
photos, sketches, and anything interesting.

SO please have a look and as always don't be shy to get in touch for any questions,
comments, collaborations or just a hello.

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